The Launch step ensures that:

  • We understand your reasons for subscribing to the App
  • We have a clear understanding of your environment
  • You and your team understand what’s required to implement the App

View the tutorial to get an understanding of what an implementation looks like and what will be covered in the initial Get to know one another call.

Prior to the call:

  • The Operations questionnaire containing key information for configuring the App appropriately will be emailed to the custodian
  • The IT questionnaire will be emailed to the IT manager, so that our implementation team can access your ERP server to install the ERP Connector

The Integrate step involves:

  • Installing the ERP connector

  • Ensuring that your inventory data is extracted and processed automatically on a daily basis

Once data is imported, you:

  • Conduct the initial data validation to ensure that the data in the App accurately reflects the data in your ERP

Data validation describes what to validate, and how to validate, at a:

  • Macro/global level

  • Individual item level

  • Data purity level

Watch the tutorial for basic navigation tips for:


Watch the tutorial for basic navigation tips for:


The Refine step is focussed on configuring the App for your environment and starts with an online data review session. This review identifies any changes required to either:

  • The configuration of the App

  • The data extracts

  • The data in your ERP

Accurately defining your Stocking Indicator is critical for inventory planning, so that the App knows:

  • which items you plan to keep in stock

  • which items you will only buy when a customer orders them

  • which items you will not buy under any circumstances

Other data to clean up during this step includes:

  • Preferred suppliers

  • Lead times

  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQ) / Order Multiples (OM)

There are multiple ways to get support from within NETSTOCK and NETSTOCK Basics.

The Learn step starts once the data in the App is looking more reliable and representative.

  • New users are added

  • They engage in the training material

  • They start to actively apply what they are learning


Training on the App(s) is all done online, via a combination of:

  • Emails with daily training topics

  • The content on this site, for NETSTOCK and NETSTOCK Basics

  • In-App tours and tutorials that may be viewed right when you need them

The Use step involves you and your team using the App to:

  • Review order recommendations, and place orders

  • Review and amend forecasts

  • Refine inventory policy

  • Investigate and action anomalies

The Use step concludes with an online order review to ensure that the orders being recommended by the App reflect the business needs more accurately.


Typical activities in this step include:

  1. Setting and refining your inventory policy

  2. Reviewing and amending forecasts

  3. Reviewing and actioning the top 5 lists on the dashboard

Place orders using the App and integrate purchase order uploads back into your ERP.

Once configured, the App can create a file in the format required for importing into your ERP.

Also see: Available order formats

Once your team is using the App to review and place orders, the implementation of the App is complete and our amazing worldwide support team gets to look after you.

There are multiple ways to get support from within NETSTOCK and NETSTOCK Basics.