NETSTOCK Service Level Commitment

Effective date: February 6, 2019


1. Overview

This document represents NETSTOCK’s commitment to its customers regarding the provisioning and support of the NETSTOCK/Sage Inventory Advisor SaaS solution.


2. Scope

This commitment document only applies to the Live NETSTOCK application (refer to Definitions below).


3. Definitions

Uptime: This is a metric that represents the percentage of time that the Live NETSTOCK application (including the servers on which it is hosted) is successfully operational.

Downtime: This is a metric that represents the percentage of time that the Live NETSTOCK application (including the servers on which it is hosted) is not operational.

The following events will be excluded from the calculation of downtime:

  1. Batch processing time

  2. Faulty data provided to NETSTOCK

  3. Other elements not within NETSTOCK’s control (e.g. changes to the ERP server on which NETSTOCK’s integration app is installed)

Live NETSTOCK: This is the Live application on which the Customer is reliant for Inventory management data. The Customer is using a Live application once the onboarding process has been completed and the support phase has commenced. Demo and Test applications are not considered to be Live. Enhancement requests or amendments to the data extracts that are in progress and that have not yet been tested and approved are not considered Live.


4. Service Level Commitment

NETSTOCK Commits to provide 99.5% uptime with respect to the Live application during each calendar month of the Term, excluding regularly scheduled maintenance times.

If in any calendar month this uptime commitment is not met by NETSTOCK and the Customer is negatively impacted (i.e., attempted to log into or access the Service and failed due to the unscheduled downtime of the Service), NETSTOCK shall provide, as the sole and exclusive remedy, a service credit equal to one month’s fee for the use of the application.


5. Maintenance

Maintenance is scheduled regularly to ensure that security updates, upgrades and enhancements are applied timeously to ensure the ongoing availability of the application.

Scheduled maintenance will not contribute to the calculation of downtime. NETSTOCK hereby provides notification that regular maintenance will take place every Saturday from 02:00 to 06:00 GMT. Should additional maintenance time be required, it will be considered to have been scheduled if it is communicated at least two full business days in advance of the maintenance time.

Scheduled maintenance will take place at times that are the least inconvenient to our customers, including weekends and after hours on weekdays, which may be before or after business hours. Scheduled maintenance will not equate to more than 15 hours per quarter.


6. Unscheduled Downtime

NETSTOCK at its sole discretion may institute downtime of the application in the event that unscheduled maintenance is required to address critical security vulnerabilities or critical application fixes. In the event that unscheduled maintenance is required, NETSTOCK will attempt to notify customers in advance. Unscheduled maintenance will contribute to the calculation of downtime.


7.  Credit Request

If the customer believes that they are eligible for a credit based on the terms of this commitment, the customer must log a credit request.

The customer may log a request by sending an email to the billing enquiries email address for their region. The credit request email should detail the downtime calculation on which the request is based and supporting evidence should be provided. NETSTOCK will validate credit requests by checking the system logs and other records.

The customer must submit a credit request within 5 days of the end of the applicable month in order to qualify for a credit. If the customer submits a credit request and does not receive a prompt automated response indicating that the request was received, the customer must re-submit the request to ensure that the submission has been successfully received.

Customers who are past due or are in default with respect to any payment or any material contractual obligations to NETSTOCK are not eligible for a credit based on this commitment. The service credit is valid for one month from the issue date and will be applied automatically to the Customer’s outstanding balance.


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