The big picture

An overview of what happens in NETSTOCK, from your data being extracted from your ERP and synced to our cloud servers, through to you placing orders in the App.


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Your objectives

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You may have subscribed to the App because you wanted to minimise stock-outs, reduce excess inventory, or save time forecasting and ordering. 

Or you just wanted much better visibility of your inventory performance.

Whatever the reasons, it is important that you communicate them to us as it may influence the configuration of the App.


Configuration options

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The configuration options are set to sensible defaults, which may require tweaking depending on your objectives or the functionality available in your ERP


Data extracted & synced to our cloud servers

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Data is extracted from your ERP daily and sync’ed to our cloud servers. 


Receipt of the data

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Upon receipt of the data, and subject to it passing checks to ensure it is current, valid and complete, your data is processed in the App.


Processing & ideal inventory levels

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A key output of processing is the computation of ideal inventory levels for every single item in every location, factoring in the impact of seasonality and sales trends.


Inventory policy inputs

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You now focus on what level of service to offer your customers and what you expect to sell, and the App computes the appropriate inventory levels for you.


Inventory exceptions

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Testing these ideal levels against the stock you have on hand plus what you have on order, identifies:

  • Where you have excess

  • Where you are currently stocked out

  • Where you have too much on order

  • Where you are most likely to run out



Dashboards prioritize exceptions

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Dashboards prioritize these based on the impact to your business, enabling you to answer the question “What should I focus on today to make the biggest improvements in my inventory performance?”


Ideal order recommendations

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The App presents you with ideal order recommendations, listing every single item that needs to be ordered, when it needs to be ordered and how much should be ordered.

Ideal order recommendations can be reviewed, amended and placed - then loaded back into your ERP.


Accurate order recommendations & exceptions

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For these order recommendations and dashboard exceptions to be accurate and actionable, it is important that your data is well maintained, the App is appropriately configured and that your users are trained to use the App.


Getting your users engaged in the available training

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Getting your users to engage in the available online training material cements their understanding, meaning positive outcomes for your business sooner.


Are you achieving your objectives?

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Dashboards enable you to assess whether you are achieving what you set out to. If you are not achieving your objectives, please talk to our team as all that may be required is a tweak to the configuration, a slight change to the data interface or some additional training for your users.