How to implement the App

Start as you mean to continue – getting the right people on the “get to know one another call” ensures that everyone is on the same page right from the start


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In this tutorial I am going to briefly outline what an implementation of the App looks like and cover some critical aspects that contribute to a successful implementation.

Remember: the goal here is to get the App installed and configured for your environment as quickly as possible, so that you can begin to place orders and improve the health of your inventory.


The “Launch” step

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The Launch step ensures that:

  • we understand your reasons for subscribing to the App

  • we have a clear understanding of your environment

  • you and your team understand what’s required to implement the App

These topics form part of the get to know one another call which concludes this step.


The “Integrate” step

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The Integrate step involves doing the installation and ensuring that your inventory data is extracted and processed automatically on a daily basis.

Once data is imported, you conduct the initial data validation to ensure that the data in the App accurately reflects the data in your ERP.


The “Refine” step

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The Refine step is focussed on configuring the App for your environment and starts with an online data review session. This review identifies any changes required to either the configuration of the App, the data extracts, or the data in your ERP.


The “Learn” step

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The Learn step starts once the data in the App is looking more reliable and representative. New users are added, they engage in the training material and start to actively apply what they are learning.


The “Use” step

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The Use step involves you and your team using the App to review order recommendations, place orders, review and amend forecasts, refine inventory policy, and investigate anomalies.

The Use step concludes with an online order review to ensure that the orders being recommended by the App reflect the business needs more accurately.


The importance of appointing a “Custodian”

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In our experience, the quickest and most successful implementations all have one thing in common – the appointment of a custodian – a key individual in your business who takes ownership of the implementation and drives the ongoing adoption of the App.


The most successful Custodians

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The most successful custodians:

  • Monitor each user’s progress through the online training on a daily basis – what did they learn and where did they get stuck?

  • Provide top exceptions for user’s to investigate and resolve

  • Remove any roadblocks, both with IT and others in the business

  • Hold others accountable for the completion of any tasks

  • Set stock reduction or fill rate targets, or other KPI’s to help drive the use of the App in the team

Getting your team involved in learning and exploring the App as soon as possible after their login has been created, is critical to creating and maintaining momentum.


Ensure your team work through the available training

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A second critical factor for a successful implementation is ensuring that your team work through and understand the:

  • online training videos

  • in-App tours

  • in-App tutorial videos

  • and training emails they receive


ALL training is online

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It is important to note that all training is online and it is up to each user to go through the material by themselves. The custodian plays a key role here by monitoring each user’s progress through the available online training material.

Getting your users to engage in the training material and immediately explore the App cements their understanding, and results in quicker adoption, wider acceptance and better outcomes for your business.


The “get to know one another” call

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The next step for you is the Get to know one another call. On this call, we will be:

  • introducing the team to each other

  • ensuring that everyone understands the onboarding process

  • and booking a time to do the install


Get the right people on the call

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As the custodian, it is important for you to get the right people on this call. This usually includes:

  • The person who made the decision to subscribe to the App

  • The people that will use the App

  • An IT person, so that they can understand what the App is and assist with connecting to the ERP


And that’s it for my tutorial on “How to implement the App”

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  • The brief outline of the implementation steps should have given you a good idea of what needs to be done

  • From our experience, appointing a custodian who takes ownership of the process is vital, and ensuring users actively engage in the online training material and explore the App from the start, is key to achieving great results

  • It is important to start well, then build and maintain momentum - having the right people on the get to know one another call sets the tone for what’s to come