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Welcome to the Fast-track for Navigation.


Video topics

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After logging in to the App, you will be greeted by this page - the dashboard.

In this video we’ll:

  • Use the dashboard to explain the page layout

  • Give you some navigation tips and tricks

  • And show you how to find help


The page layout

Let’s start with the page layout.

The status bar

Use the status bar that is located at the top of every page to:

  • Check when the data was last refreshed

  • You can watch this navigation video directly in the App

  • Become familiar with the page by taking a tour

  • Take a look at your learning library

  • Or click on your name to change your password

  • Administrators can view the App configuration by clicking the settings icon.


The menu bar

Use the menu bar to navigate to key functionality by clicking on the words, or use the drop-down for an alternate navigation option.


The title bar

The title bar tells you what this page is about,  and contains selections to either:

  • Change the display unit

  • Or to filter the page content


When viewing a specific location, you can set the location as your default by clicking on this icon.


Navigation tips and tricks

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By setting the location that you most frequently view as your default location, when you click on Dashboard or Forecasts, this location will display.


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You can select a different location by clicking on the drop-down to see the list of all available locations. 


Sorting and visual clues

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You can:

  • Click on a column to sort the list in that order

  • Visually see which are real locations (green highlight) or regional consolidations (orange highlight) that have been configured

  • Flags indicating currency will display if there are locations with different currencies


Filtering the locations lookup

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If you have a large number of locations, start typing characters (red box) to filter the list. 

Clicking on a location will display data for that location.


Hover tips

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Hover tips provide additional detail or further explanation, indicating where:

  • There is a video you could watch

  • Where online help is available

  • What the benchmark or start point on a KPI is

  • To drill-through to the full list of items, or

  • To mute items on the exception lists.


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Speech bubbles indicate the presence of comments on the item.



You can drill-through the dashboard to get to a list of items in each status.

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The default sort order will be highlighted but you are able to sort the list in any order by clicking on a column heading.


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You can filter the list using a number of standard filters and a few (Groups) that are based on dimensions in your data.

Selecting filter options and applying them reduces the number of rows displayed.


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The list can be downloaded to a CSV file and you can navigate through the list using these page numbers.


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To drill-through to individual items in the list for review, we find that opening items in a new tab is the most effective way of working through the list.


Getting help

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Clicking on this icon …

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… will show your progress through the training courses that you have been assigned.


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Click on the course library to find other courses that may be of interest.


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Or register to attend our series of webinars, giving you the opportunity to participate and ask questions of our inventory expert.


Help is available within the App - you can:

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  • Watch tutorial videos

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  • Navigate to help about this page

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Or do the in-product tours I mentioned earlier


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If you can’t find the answer to your question, you can engage in an online chat with one of our support team.