Orders upload - Generic CSV

This page describes the file format of orders downloaded from NETSTOCK environments that are configured to export the Generic CSV format.

The Generic CSV format is compatible with various host systems including the vanilla integration with NetSuite and with MYOB EXO when used in conjunction with an additional utility.

This format may also be used to develop integrations for other host systems and specific implementations of NETSTOCK.


Notes and guidance for developing an import process

In NETSTOCK, users can create purchase orders, transfer orders and/or work orders based on system recommended order quantities. When one of these orders is downloaded, it results in a CSV file appearing in a directory on the Windows server on which NETSTOCK’s integration program has been installed. The file can be used to create an actual order in the host system.

It may be possible to develop a process that allows users to manually select individual files to import, or one that automatically imports all downloaded orders. If automation is preferred, it would require a process that regularly checks for the existence of order files and uses them to create the actual orders in the host system, then moves or deletes the NETSTOCK files to avoid processing them twice.

Here is some information about delivery of order files:

  • There is a scheduled task on the Windows server which runs every minute to bring down any new order files from NETSTOCK

  • The receiving directory will be either:

    C:\NETSTOCK\customername\from_netstock\ (for NETSTOCK customers), or

    C:\Sage_Inventory_Advisor\customername\from_netstock\ (for Sage Inventory Advisor customers)

    Note that the drive letter may be different and customername will be the specific NETSTOCK environment name.

  • The naming convention for purchase order files is po_###.csv where ### is the unique numeric identifier for the order. Transfer orders start with tr_ instead and work orders start with wo_.

  • These CSV files may coexist with other unrelated CSV reports in the same directory (but there shouldn’t be any other files that begin with po_, tr_ or wo_)

The files themselves are in standard CSV format and include a heading row as shown in the example below. Each file will contain a single order for a single supplier/location.

For automated solutions, we recommend that:

  • Processed order files are moved into subfolders named “success” and “failure” under the “from_netstock” folder (to keep track of which files have already been processed and identify those that could not be imported)

  • Some error handling is included to alert users if an import fails

When creating the orders in the host system, it is not necessary to use all of the fields provided in the file. At a minimum, use the Supplier, Location, Item and Quantity. Where possible, we recommend ignoring the Cost in favour of allowing the host system to select the most appropriate cost.

Please contact your local NETSTOCK team for further guidance if required.


Order file format

Position Field Name Description
1 OrderID A unique numeric identifier from NETSTOCK.
2 Supplier The supplier code (of the supplier itself) – or in the case of transfer orders, the supplying warehouse code.
3 Location The receiving warehouse / location code.
4 Creation Date Date the order was created in NETSTOCK.
5 User Name of the user that created the order.
6 Email Email address of the user that created the order.
7 Item The product code.
8 UOM Description of the unit of measure that the quantity relates to.
9 Quantity The order quantity in the above unit of measure.
10 Cost The unit cost in the above unit of measure.
11 Due Date Required date for delivery.
12 Comment Optional comments.

File layout example

33,SUP1,LOC1,2019/02/09,Joe Bloggs,joe@company.com,ITM1,Each,3791,12.4,2019/03/11,
33,SUP1, LOC1,2019/02/09,Joe Bloggs,joe@company.com,ITM2,Each,428,14.7,2019/03/11,a comment
33,SUP1, LOC1,2019/02/09,Joe Bloggs,joe@company.com,ITM3,Each,1152,8.2,2019/03/11,
33,SUP1, LOC1,2019/02/09,Joe Bloggs,joe@company.com,ITM4,Each,669,19.6,2019/03/11,