NETSTOCK | Overview of the menus | Suppliers


Use Suppliers to:

  • View the supplier's stated lead time compared with the computed lead time

  • Find the suppliers that supply the most number of products

  • View open purchase orders

  • Navigate to analysis of the supplier’s performance

  • Maintain stated lead times (if lead times are being set this way)


Supplier listing

Selecting Suppliers presents a list of all suppliers and relevant information associated with each.

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The supplier listing shows each supplier's:

  • Stated lead time vs measured (computed) lead time

  • Default look forward days to be used in ordering

  • The number of products supplied

  • The number of open purchase orders & value

  • The number of recommended orders & value


Clicking on a column heading will sort the listing in that order. Clicking again on the same heading will switch between ascending and descending.

In the image above, the listing has been sorted by clicking on the Products Supplied column.


For each supplier, there are hyperlinks to drill-through to more information:

  • Supplier code; click on the supplier code to set the stated lead time, the default look forward days and to add a comment against the supplier. View the lead time to each of your locations and navigate to the supplier's performance.

  • Products supplied; click on the number of products supplied to view a listing of all products that are supplied by this supplier.

  • Open purchase orders; click on the number of open POs to view order number, order date, order quantity, outstanding quantity (still to be delivered) and other order details.

  • If the full list of suppliers exceeds the page length, you can navigate between pages using these page numbers, or by using the next and previous buttons

  • Click the CSV download button to download the supplier listing data to a CSV file, for further analysis


Supplier filtering

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Use the Filter options to reduce the number of suppliers displayed in the listing.

This can be quite useful when searching for a particular supplier, suppliers with open POs, or items with long lead times, for example.


Supplier editing


Clicking on the Supplier code in the supplier listing opens the supplier edit, which allows for the editing of:

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  • The supplier's description

  • The default lead time in days

  • The default look forward days to be used for orders

  • Any comment you wish to make regarding this supplier

You may also indicate whether this suppler is used for internal manufacturing or not. Checking this box results in the creation of work order files (wo_###.csv) instead of purchase order files (po_###.csv).

Please note: this internal manufacturing flag does not apply to all order formats.


Be careful when maintaining lead times here by supplier: if supplier lead times are imported, any changes made here will disappear when next the data is refreshed.


From here you can also navigate to:

Plus see a summary for each location of:

  • The number of products supplied

  • The LT days average


Products supplied


Clicking on the Products supplied in the supplier listing will display all products supplied by this supplier.

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For each product in the listing, you can see the:

  • Product code and description

  • Classification details according to the matrix

  • The supplier code and name

  • A summary of the stock on hand

  • Current status, along with status units and value

  • Whether there is any stock on order, or a recommended order

  • Achieved fill rate and the fill rate impact (a measure of how a stock-out on this product is affecting the overall fill rate)

  • Average forecast for the next 12 months, and the age of the product

  • Whether the product was downloaded in the latest data refresh

  • Whether the product has been muted on the dashboard


Open POs


Clicking on the Open purchase orders in the supplier listing will display the currently outstanding purchase orders.

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For each outstanding purchase order, view the:

  • Order number

  • Order date

  • Original order quantity total

  • Quantity still to be delivered total

  • Total value of the purchase order


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Clicking on the Order number of a purchase order, displays all of the products on the order.

For each product, you can view the:

  • Product code and description

  • Classification according to the matrix

  • EAD (expected arrival date)

  • Quantity ordered

  • Quantity still to be delivered

  • Value of the order line

Note: You can also navigate to the open purchase orders by clicking the open purchase orders button in the supplier edit.


Supplier performance

The supplier performance functionality has been designed to give you greater visibility of your suppliers, and the ability to download a projection of the orders that you are likely to place with them into the future. This download contains either:

  • All orders

  • A summary, by month