NETSTOCK | Overview of the menus | Locations dashboard

Locations dashboard


Use this page to:

  • View a summary of all locations in the App

  • Download location information for data validation purposes

  • Configure regions


The title bar

Use the region level selector to view:

  • Level 0; the real/physical locations provided in the data from your ERP

  • Level 1+; the virtual consolidations created for a region, country or company view


Top 5 lists

The Top 5 lists display locations ranked in descending order of value for key inventory indicators, and can be very useful for businesses that have a large number of locations.


Clicking a location name will take you to the specific location's classification and inventory balance information.

By stock holding

Top stock holding displays locations in descending order of stock value, at cost.

Top model stock displays locations in descending order of model (optimal) value, at cost.

Top model variance is difference between stock value and model value.

By status

Top stocked out displays locations with the greatest sales value lost by items currently stocked out.

Top potential stock outs displays locations with the greatest sales value that will be potentially lost should these items stock out.

Top surplus orders displays locations with the greatest levels of surplus orders, where you have too much on order


Locations listing

The Location listing shows a summary of all locations, including:

  • Location code & name/description

  • Product count, stock value & model value

  • The value of product’s in each statii

  • The currently achieved fill rate & the fill rate target


To sort the listing in a different order:

  • Click on a column heading, to sort by that column

  • Click twice to change the sorting between ascending and descending


Hovering on the location code/description enables additional options that allow you to:

  • Edit basic location details

  • Navigate quickly to the specific location’s dashboard

  • Navigate quickly to the specific location’s model, where you can find:

    • Classification results by ABC and HML

    • The Matrix, which plots ABC and HML together

    • Inventory balance information


CSV download

Clicking on the CSV download button generates a *.csv file containing the information shown in the location listing.



Clicking on the Region setup button enables you to create a virtual consolidation by linking multiple real/physical locations to a region.


If you believe you require a region to be set up, it is recommended that it be created by a NETSTOCK implementation/support team member.

The reason(s) for creating a region might be, for example:

  • A total, or national, view of all locations

  • A view of all warehouses in a state

  • A view of east coast warehouses

  • A view of all warehouses in a country

When considering whether to create a region, think carefully about what you would use that region for. Working at a regional level as opposed to at the real/physical locations, can cause unexpected issues.

For example: a region created to represent the East Coast may comprise 4 real/physical warehouses. If one of these warehouses was hopelessly over-stocked, while the other three warehouses were desperately short of stock, the net result at the region level might appear perfectly stocked, with neither excess nor stock-outs.