NETSTOCK | How to | Amend an item forecast

How to: Amend an item forecast

Initial forecasts for every item are computer-generated. However, in some circumstances the user will know something about an item that will add value to the forecast.

For example: you may just have won a new customer, or lost a customer. Or you might have a big promotion coming up.


Click the Amend forecast button to manually override the forecast.


The page shows:

  • Historical sales (blue box); as many years as are in the App

  • The computer forecast (gold box); so you can always go back to it

  • The manual forecast (red box); where you can put in your forecast overrides

  • The final forecast (green box); which shows the forecast that will be used


You can manually override a single month’s forecast or multiple month’s forecasts.

To override months manually:

  • Type the forecast override number into the space provided

  • Click somewhere else in the same cell and the check box will automatically be set to checked

The checked box indicates that the month’s forecast has been frozen. A frozen forecast means that the forecast algorithm will not overwrite your manually entered forecast.

To unfreeze the period simply click the box until the check mark disappears.


There are some additional features for amending forecasts which become available when multiple months are selected.

To select multiple months:

  • For Windows: Click in the first month (green box), then ctrl-click in the last month (red box)

  • For Mac: Click in the first month (green box), then cmd-click in the last month (red box)

The additional forecast override features will display below the final forecast (orange box).


You can modify the selected months forecasts to reflect winning a new customer, losing a customer or to just set all months to the specified number.

  • If you win a new customer who you believe will bring an extra 50 units of sales per month (on top of the existing computer forecast) in the selected months, click the “+” option, type in 50 and press adjust

  • If you lose a customer and you believe that you will sell 50 units per month less in the selected months, click the “-” option, type in 50 and press adjust

  • To set the forecast to 50 for all months selected, click the “=” option, type in 50 and press adjust


If you like the seasonality in the current forecast but think it is either too low or too high, you can use the slider to adjust the forecast for the selected months.

  • Simply drag the slider left or right to increase or decrease the forecast by a percentage

  • Note that the adjusted forecasts will be reflected on the graph as you make the changes.

  • To apply any forecast overrides that you have made, simply click the Apply new forecast button.

  • The new forecasts will now be factored into order recommendations immediately.

  • You can use the Defrost button to unfreeze (or remove) any manual forecast overrides from the selected months.