An introduction to NETSTOCK Basics

There is a good chance that your company has subscribed to the App to achieve one or more of the following:

  • Place orders quicker; let NETSTOCK Basics help you place optimal orders in no time at all
  • Minimize stock-outs; use NETSTOCK Basics to minimize your stock-outs and make more sales
  • Reduce excess inventory; NETSTOCK Basics can help you release cash that is tied up in excess inventory

Navigation in NETSTOCK Basics

You have received the email containing your user name and password but are not sure what to do next.

In this tutorial we share some basic navigation tips, including how to:

  • Log in

  • Change your password

  • Sort and filter lists

  • Navigate in the App, and using hover tips

  • Find additional help

  • Drill though to individual items

Overview of the menus in NETSTOCK Basics


Use Menu options to:

  • View the dashboard for a specific location

  • View the classification results for a specific location

  • View a summary of all locations in the App

  • View a summary of the sales and forecasts for a location

  • Create orders at the click of a button

  • View all information about a product in a location - comprehensive information to enable you make decisions

How (and why) we classify your inventory

Click to download the infographic

Click to download the infographic

It is difficult to view hundreds, or even thousands, of inventory items every day and make an informed decision on what to buy, what’s running short and what you have too much of. The best way to get to the most important items is by classifying your items.

Why is classification so important? Because classifying your items allows you to focus on the 20% of the items that will give you 80% of your sales.

The tools to create the best possible forecast

Click to download the infographic

Click to download the infographic

If you don’t know what you are going to sell tomorrow, how can you decide what to buy today.

Having the tools to help you create the best possible forecast, results in optimal purchasing and planning.