An overview of the tabs in NETSTOCK Basics

The Dashboard tab

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure – the only way to keep on top of things is with focus. The dashboard tab:

  • Tracks service level and stock holding KPI, giving you unprecedented visibility into the health of your inventory
  • Highlights the value of items that are in balance, stocked-out, potentially going to stock-out, have excess, have surplus orders, or are new
  • Highlights data issues, which can be used to improve the quality of your data

The Classification tab

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Classification is important because is difficult to view hundreds, or even thousands, of inventory items every day and make an informed decision on what to buy, what’s running short and what you have too much of.

By classifying your items, you are able to focus on the 20% of items that will give you 80% of your sales.


The Locations tab

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The Location listing shows a summary of all locations in the App, along with stock value and product count, and can be used to validate the data in the App matches the data in your business management system.


The Forecast tab

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The best possible forecast is important because if you don’t know what you are going to sell tomorrow, how can you decide what to buy today.

The forecast tab contains some of the tools to help you create the best possible forecast:

  • Sales and forecast summary: highlighting seasonality and trends
  • Year-on-year comparison: highlighting whether the forecast growth or decline is too extreme or too conservative
  • Forecast exceptions: where sales consistently exceed the forecast or the forecast consistently exceeds sales

The Orders tab

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When you login to the App, the data compilation is already done and the data is up to date.

Now you can create orders from order recommendations in four simple steps:

  1. Click on the Orders menu
  2. Select the required location
  3. Click next to the supplier you wish to create the order for
  4. Click on the Create order button

The Enquiry tab

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The stock inquiry is the lowest level of information in the App, at item/location level. It is also the most important, because all inventory calculations are performed here.

Other views in the App, such as the dashboard, summarise data from all items in a location.